Raven worrying about poverty

Raven thinking about poverty © www.jpgbirding.com

The Definition of Poverty From a Raven’s View

This week we talked to a raven about poverty and wanted to know what he does have to share about the topic “poverty”, taking into consideration the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 1 “End poverty in all its forms everywhere”.

He showed us the feeling of being hopeless, in despair, sitting in a tree looking down with a sense of nothing to eat. He said, it is typical of humans to create desolation. For him (the raven) poverty is nearly an illusion. In his point of view, humans create conditions (=problems), classify them and then spend time and energy talking about them extensively.

The right thing would be to focus on natural abundance, to realize that there is more than enough for everyone. And then to learn how to distribute abundance to all of us.

This could be done by cutting through artificial abundances created by us humans, which represent blockages, boundaries. Poverty has to do with not seeing the wealth that actually exists, not seeing the rest of the existing human and natural beings.

So the prerequisite is to change our state of mind, appreciating whatever we see, appreciate people and nature around us, then we can recognize the abundance that’s there.

In raven’s opinion, poverty does not exist when there is a respect for oneself and an equal respect for others.

Finally he said, people in poverty and “rich” people, both have the same points of view, they just express them differently. Both have a lack of something, just the importance is attached differently.


Conclusion: It is crucial for us humans that we re-define what rich really means…

See more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

October, 2017