Sleeping cat

Caused by the recent happenings of animal cruelty here in Panama, when students put some cats into a box and light them, when someone poured gasoline over a dog and light it, or when some schoolchilds threw a cat on the metro tracks “just to see, how it is to watch someone die”, today I would like to share with you a very important message from the Animal kingdom: All Life is precious!!


A Dream or a Warning?

A few weeks ago I had a terrible and confusing dream about abused animals I could not help and which were dying in front of me. And when I tried to protect them, I got prosecuted by the government. I tried to flee, but even good friends were betraying me. You can imagine, I was distraught after that dream.

I contacted the Animal Kingdom and asked them to comment on my dream. Here is what they communicated to me:


“The Earth is crying out to the ones who care. The cries come in different forms. The form is appropriate to the receiver of the messages. Species are heading toward extinction largely or solely because of human actions. The Planet and its wondrous species call out for help. The fight is the greatest sort of challenge. Governments rarely represent the people or the animals or the plants and as such will demonize those who oppose the power and greed of the ruling classes. You understand, Lara, of course that to save the life of just one animal is a great accomplishment. To save an entire species is the greatest sort of gift to give to the Earth.”


I interpret that my dream could be seen in terms of a challenge being presented to me. My dream is certainly reminding me of my love and concern for the animals.

Something terrible is happening to our Earth. We Animal Lovers are by nature someone to resist the utter destruction of the precious life of this Planet. Therefore I call out to all Animal Lovers, please always remember your love for the animals and the nature. This makes you a true citizen of the Planet Earth and reminds you that you are part of the family of the animals of the Earth. The innocent ones must be protected!

Earth and its animals thank you!


December, 2017