Boy hugging his dog

What You Can and Cannot Achieve With Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a very useful way to connect with your animal companion. It definitely will not solve all your challenges with your animal, but it will sure help a lot!

Humans, who are new to Animal Communication often assume or expect that if you communicate telepathically with their animals, they will be obedient and immediately do whatever is requested.

Boy hugging his dog

It is like if I would be talking (= communicating) to my friend, tell her to jump from a bridge, I cannot expect that she will be obedient and jump from the bridge.

Same thing, when a mother tells her daughter not to touch the hot stovetop, but the daughter has her own will and nevertheless might touch it. Or you tell your children not to play soccer in the house but they will still do it.

Being able to communicate with animals helps us to understand their points of view, clarify any misunderstandings and supports us in negotiating at eye level to live in cooperation and harmony.

But the most important thing we should keep in mind is, animals will stay animals, with their own will, instincts and way of thinking.

Animal Communication cannot only help to mediate between animal and human being, but it can also explain the reason of the animal being your specific companion and show his role in your life.

Animals and human beings are connected and animals have definitely their own purposes and paths, but there is also one role animals take very seriously. This is absorbing or cleaning negative energies and convert them into positive, which helps us humans progress on our paths and personal growth.

Animals guide us to a harmonious and balanced life and we are affected by each other’s energies, even we are not aware of that.


Animals as our companions in good and in bad times

Have you ever noticed when you are in a bad mood that your animal companion withdraws and waits until you calm down?

Have you ever noticed that when you are sad or crying, your animal companion closes up and tries to comfort you in his way? Animals definitely function as “healers”.

Or have you ever noticed that when you are happy, you are screaming for joy, your animal companion is sharing your happiness for example by jumping up at you?

I have a particular example: One evening a few months ago, I was watching TV having the windows open. Attracted by the light a giant black moth-like being flew into our apartment heading towards my head.

As I did not expect anything like that, I screamed as this moth was trying to land on my head and immediately my two cats appeared in the living room, worried why I was screaming and wanting to “help”.


Animals as our guides

Animals help us make positive changes in our vibration; mostly without our awareness. Their goal is to make us become more conscious of a facet of ourselves and our lives to which we have not been paying attention to.

An animal having a disease may be with the “purpose” of having his human person to learn more about holistic health and natural ways to help, when standard medicine fails to help.

The best correlation can be achieved, when we invite our animal companions to be with us in our journeys, especially during challenging times. You might have not considered it yet, but we can ask our animals to help us with whatever we are going through and believe me, they will not hesitate to help.

Conclusion: Our animal companions are more than just animals. They can help us to get a better life, from any point of view. And we should certainly appreciate their help.


April, 2018