Purina dog food poisoned

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At a time when not only humans pay attention to their (healthy) diet, every pet owner must also seriously consider what he gives his animal companion to eat…


Big and Famous Is Not Always Healthy

Every pet owner knows the usual brands like Royal Canin, Purina, Pedigree and Whiskas, among others. If you look for these brands on the Internet, you will find a well-maintained, professional website, a facebook page with many likes and positive reviews from different consumer reports.

So if you decide in favor of these famous and big brands with a certain status in the market, you assume that it is trusted and controlled food and thus does not harm your animal.


Purina dog food poisoned

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However, that’s not always true, as the scandal of Purina’s Beneful showed in 2015. The dog food had fatal consequences for some dogs, such as strokes, diarrhea, internal bleeding and liver dysfunction.

Now, of course, every animal lover is unsure what kind of food he should give his sweetheart.

So you should look carefully, what is included in the respective feed. Quite often you can find ingredients such as gluten, whole wheat flour, soy, artificial coloring, flavor enhancers and many times these are even among the first in the list of the ingredients.


In today’s world of the Internet, there are many websites that can help and guide you, such as the site reviews.com.

I really liked their article “The Best Cat Food”, which they wrote in early 2018. They studied more than 2400 varieties of cat food and attached particular importance to exclude the ones with animal products with no clear origin, colors, aromas and preservatives, amongst others.

Definitely a very interesting, well-researched and insightful article that is worth reading!


Conclusion: Healthy nutrition is not just for humans. Please pay attention to what you give your furry darling to eat.


July, 2018