Pensive cat

Animals Interpreting Intentions, Thoughts and Feelings

As already mentioned on my website, the telepathic communication between humans and animals is the transmission from heart to heart of feelings, perceptions, images, thoughts and words in their most multi-faceted form. So animals are also capable of receiving feelings, thoughts and intentions of a human.

As also each and every human, animals have their own way of interpreting/understanding these feelings, thoughts and intentions and respond in their unique way.

Animals are more sensitive than you thoughtOften you ask yourself why your animal reacts how he reacts or why he is behaving as he does. For example when your cat scratched you for whatever reason, you might tend to show him what he did, try to explain him how it hurt you, show him how it is bleeding and you might want your animal to understand and react like you would do in this case, namely showing that he is sorry and feeling guilty. And as this is not happing in 99% of the cases, this leads to misunderstandings and confusions and might also lead to problems between human and animal.

One possible solution would be explaining the cat via telepathic communication that the human skin is more fragile, prone to scratches as the cat fur and that it is important to retract the claws to avoid bleeding.

Now, when you think about it, it makes sense that the animal cannot know such a thing by itself, right?

Usually wild animals flee when having a human getting close, as they interpret human presence as danger, even when we are getting close to them with good intentions being calm and loving. They flee first to be safe a and do not wait around to see if we are okay.
Whereas other animals might determine human emotions and intentions first and hang around if our thoughts, feelings, and actions feel safe.

Conclusion: Other species are as individual in their understanding and responses as us humans.


September, 2018