Baby and mom sea lion

Healing with Animals on the Galapagos Islands

I had my first healing experience with animals when I was visiting the Galapagos Islands earlier this year.
The Galapagos Islands have tons of different animal species, from birds, turtles, fishes, iguanas, sharks, over to rays, pinguines and flamingos. All of them colorful in their special way, diverse and unique. But I had the most impressive experience with the sea lions!

I was snorkeling observing the seastars and diversity of fishes when suddenly a bunch of sea lions were around me. They just came to me, as if they were just checking in. Without fear, being extremely curious they swam around me, got really close. I didn’t feed them or lured them with anything. So they had no reason to hang out with me. It was breathtakingly gorgeous.

What a transformative experience. The energy that the sea lions have, their inlightened state of consciousness, their vibration that is so much higher than ours, and feeling how they are unbiased, loving and compassionate. A tremendous feeling!

Penguin group

And the most fascinating thing – when you spend time in their energy field, you tend to take it on.

I definitely came back in a higher state, feeling more peaceful inside. You can feel as they look straight into your eyes, they really see you. No judgement, only a huge flow of unconditional love.

I had to smile uncontrollably. I could not stop, even when my mask was getting full of water, because when I was smiling, the mask got separated from my face.

It was a heart opening sensation being with them! So many of us humans have closed down hearts. It is such a beautiful experience to be in their presence and feel that shift within youself.

Animal energy is definitely healing. It works on all kind of levels, not just physically. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, whatever you need healing with.
Or with certain qualities, for example if you would like to have more patience, kindness or passion. You can ask the animals to bring these qualities into yourself and help to remove any blocks of certain ways of being.

Power Animal Eagle




In general on of the biggest benefits of Animal Communication is the healing of the disconnection with nature. Humanity is so disconnected nowadays. Because of this disconnection we are destroying our environment, we are not healthy in our own bodies, we are not balanced with nature, we have the sense of separation, of not being part of the whole.

When you experience Animal Communication it just opens you up again, to see that we are part of this one conciousness on this planet. It makes you realize truly how deeply connected we all are.


Beautiful sunset on the Galapagos Islands

May, 2019