Beautiful Octopus on the Galapagos Islands

The Octopus and the Coronavirus

While being on the Galapagos Islands a few weeks ago, I met this stunning Octopus.

Beautiful Octopus on the Galapagos Islands

Although our encounter was of short duration, afterwards I decided to reach out to him.

While I was on Galapagos the Coronavirus already was number one topic in the news, and as per today it still is. So I decided to ask the Octopus about the virus and its purpose.

In his huge wisdom he just said:

“People encounter viruses with fear, they are associating them as something negative, that needs to be eradicated before it wipes out mankind. But viruses are as living beings as other animals, even humans.”

Beautiful Octopus on the Galapagos Islands

And their answer was even more astonishing:

“We are like cleaners. Our purpose is to help cells to evolve to the next level. Mutation helps us to avoid destruction and with that, we help the species to get stronger, to develop into their next level of refinement, energy and completeness. When there is an imbalance, we are reestablishing it”.

Even though some of you might perceive it as cruel, when dedicated to clean and re-balance, microorganisms do not focus on saving individual bodies, their goal is the greater good.

So if we step back of looking at the viruses as enemies and consider them more as helpers in our mutual evolutionary journey, communicating with the ones that are working within our bodies, we may detect the room for improvement in our health on all levels.
This might implicate changes in lifestyle, such as eating healthier, spending more quality time to find the inner balance, walking in the nature and just being receptive to the messages the Spirits are sending us.

Beautiful Octopus on the Galapagos Islands

Some people even think, the Coronavirus has been created by laboratories or governments, with the purpose of manipulating the stock exchange, weaken other economies, kindling a war…
But if we look deep into it, if we accept that Mother Nature is handling this, not one certain president of a certain country; Instead of questioning our life’s purpose, we just should lean back, align our antennae and listen to the smaller residents of this world – the microorganisms.

Conclusion: Everyone has a place, a special dedicated function assigned by Mother Nature. Let’s allow the microorganisms to lead us, share their wisdom and contribute to the healing and evolution of all living beings.

March, 2020